Learn how to become an influencer in 3 easy steps

Learn how to become an influencer in 3 easy steps
Photo by Nubelson Fernandes / Unsplash

Ever wondered what it takes to become a content creator on our platform? This mini-guide will walk you through the rules and what we're looking for.

We are looking at the following:

  1. Follower Count
  2. Following Count
  3. Number of posts
  4. Content Quality
  5. Engagement

The Norm Group

Follower count

The minimum number of followers a content creator should have is 3,000. We consider this an indication that you're serious about creating content and working with small brands, so we don't make exceptions to the rule very often (if ever). However, in rare cases where someone meets these qualifications- for example, having over 1k posts combined with excellent quality or close enough proximity towards a 3:1 ratio - their account might be exempt from following guidelines altogether!

Following count

The team at The Norm Group pays close attention to the ratio of followers vs. followers. We want you to follow 3,000 people on Instagram, but only if those duplicate accounts follow 1,000 others back in return will they approve your account for publishing! This rule helps maintain an organic growth rate that is vital when it comes time for brands and businesses alike to look into investing heavily in social media platforms.

Photo by AQVIEWS / Unsplash

Number of posts

If you want to be a part of our fantastic community, we need your social media posts and videos! There is no minimum requirement for approval. We sometimes make exceptions, so get creative with what works best for YOUR brand.

Content quality

An aesthetically pleasing feed with content about your interests and passions. Feed items must be highly interested in the product(s), and you must be authentic! Please don't use this space for commercial purposes; instead, share gorgeous photos from events or trips taken together as friends - showing off their experiences rather than simply referring to them on-screen.

We're always looking for creative types with something different to offer. So if you've got photo editing, video production, or interior design skills, apply! We don't want highly edited photos; we need someone who can take their basic idea and make it shine.


The Norm Group is a community of creators practicing their craft for years. They share common goals, including authenticity and passion for their product reviews. Our goal at The Norm Group isn't just to find talented individuals - we want those with potential who can grow into incredible professionals.