Learn how leading brands get their products made and sold in any store

Learn how leading brands get their products made and sold in any store
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Here's a short guide on what we look for when approving a brand. We know it's essential to have influencers following your guidelines. So check these rules and make your online marketing strategy more efficient!

The Norm Group

Landing page & social media

As a business owner, promoting your latest product is essential for growth. And while you may be eager to get the word out, it's necessary to take a moment and consider your social media strategy. After all, this is where many potential customers will learn about your product.

One key element of your social media strategy should be landing pages. Landing pages are a great way to provide potential customers with more information about your product. And when it comes to influencers, a landing page can help them decide if they want to promote your product. There are no hard and fast rules for creating a landing page, but keeping conversions in mind is always helpful.

Another social media must-have is an Instagram account. Many influencer collaborations happen on Instagram. Plus, it's great to see your product live and measure its success. When it comes to Instagram, there are no set criteria for approval. However, it's still beneficial to have an active and engaging account. With these social media tips in mind, you're well on your way to promoting your latest product successfully!

Alternate eCommerce store

It can be tough to stand out on social media as a small brand. So many brands and products compete for attention, and it can be challenging to get noticed. But don't despair - there are some things you can do to help your brand grow.

First, make sure you have a solid social media presence. Post regularly, and interact with your followers. Second, consider starting a blog. A blog is a great way to share your thoughts and connect with potential customers. Third, reach out to micro-influencers.

These social media users have a loyal following and can help promote your brand to a new audience. Finally, don't be afraid to communicate with the website editors. We're always looking for new and exciting brands to feature, and we'd love to hear from you. So take these tips and put them into action - you'll be on your way to social media success!

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Complete onboarding

If you're reading this, you're probably already familiar with social media and its vital role in business growth. But just in case, let's quickly go over what social media is and why it's so important. Social media refers to the various platforms that people use to communicate online. For example, mediums include blogs, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and video-sharing sites like YouTube.

Social media is essential for businesses because it provides a way to reach a large audience of potential customers quickly and easily. In addition, social media builds relationships with customers, gives feedback on products and services, and even creates new products or services.

Now that we've covered the basics let's discuss how our algorithm can help you grow your social media presence. The first step is signup; we collect information about your business and social media goals during this process. This information matches you with relevant creators working with us. Therefore, the more accurate the information you provide is, the more precise matches will be.