How to dress like a pro for The Masters

How to dress like a pro for The Masters

Tiger changed the game!

First, Tiger Woods is the only athlete with a 1 billion dollar endorsement portfolio. He is one of the most influential athletes of our era.

Tiger Woods has changed golf apparel and styles for a generation. His impressive golf accomplishments, youthful verve, and passion for being the best have made him the most influential golfer in golf's landscape since "The King" himself—Arnold Palmer.

Sunday Red

Tiger Woods is one of history's most talked-about, written-about, watched, and followed golfers. Tiger has worn some fantastic outfits throughout his career, with red, blue, black, and white dominating his attire. Here's our list of the Top 3 Tiger Woods Masters outfits that stood out to us when he dominated on Sundays.

While some may debate the impact of Tiger Woods's outfits, others agree that if you see a red shirt on Sunday, it must be Tiger. So enjoy our ranking of the Top 3 Tiger Woods Masters outfits.


2001 Masters
When Woods arrived at Augusta National, he was primed, ready, and not in a slump.

Tiger Woods' run to four consecutive major championships in 2000-01 is still considered the most significant stretch of golf. In honor of the 20th anniversary, those closest to Woods during his four-victory slam share stories from inside the ropes and why they believe 2000-01 was the best golf anyone had ever seen.

Why does Tiger wear red?

I've worn red ever since my college days basically, or junior golf days – big events on the last day because it worked and I happened to choose a school that actually was red, and we wore red on our final day of events.


1997 Masters

90s grunge fashion lives on with the baggy red sweater. However, the soft wool fabric will make you feel warm and cozy all day.

The baggy red sweater has an iconic look that captures all that is in the nineties. Back when clothing was a little less form-fitted, everyone wore two sizes too big. Now, this look is something that you can wear to work with your new pair of skinny jeans or just at home by the fire with a glass of wine and some hot cocoa.

I’ve covered 41 Masters, all for The Augusta Chronicle, starting in 1979, and something happened at the 1997 Masters that I’ve never seen before or since: the field was so stunned by what Woods did for the first three rounds (70-66-65) that it admitted no one could beat him. … Yes, it felt as if Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer had merged into one body and hit 65.


2019 Masters

After years of searching for the perfect fit, the return of Tiger Woods's iconic mock-neck shirt ranks high among the notable fashion statements in golf this year. Woods turned heads when he debuted his new/old look at the 2019 Masters and has continued to rock the mock. But, turn out the reemergence of the shirt, which Woods famously donned for his The Masters' victory back in 2005, has been very much a work in progress.

Tiger woods is one of the greatest athletes ever to play. And one of the most stylish, there is no question that when Tiger Woods shows up on Sunday in his red shirt and black pants, he means business. So here are our favorite outfits of his most incredible styles.