The complete guide to golf for beginners

The complete guide to golf for beginners

Golf Datatech and the Sports & Fitness Industry Association's Golf Participation Report show that golf participation hit an all-time high in 2020. Specifically, the growth numbers in many cases set records in many categories, and the number of golfers coming to the game in 2020 only benchmarked against some of the greatest moments in golf history, including Tiger Woods' major debut title in 1997 and his epic U.S. Open win on a broken leg in 2008.

Golf is a sport steeped in tradition and steeped in history. As a result, many terms, rules, and regulations can be challenging to learn at first. In this edition, I've compiled a list of standard golf terms, rules, etiquette, tournaments, and equipment you'll need to know while on the course.

Common golf terms

Tee Box – The area where the ball is at the hole's beginning.

Fairway — The part of the golf course that leads to the green, usually where the putting takes place.

Rough – The grass left and right of the fairway is usually thicker.

Bunker – The lower area filled with sand that usually surrounds the green.

Penalty Areas – The ponds, streams, bunkers, trees, desert, and rocky areas.

Scoring Terms Eagle: 2 strokes below par Birdie: 1 stroke below par Bogey: 1 stroke above par Double Bogey: 2 strokes above par Etc.

The rules

Every golfer should understand the rules of golf and why golf is worth playing a certain way. The rules of golf help ensure that a fair game is entertaining and the sport is competitive for all players—not just the pros.

Rule 1: The Game, Players, and Equipment

Rule 2: The Course

Rule 3: The Competition

Rule 4: Playing The Round

"Know these four simple rules before you hit your first shot."

Golf handicap

A golf handicap is a number that represents your skill level. A golf handicap varies from player to player based on previous results. Therefore, the formula used to calculate your golf score can change yearly.

To compute your handicap, you must report a minimum number of qualifying rounds. The latest handicap calculator can be found on the official USGA website.

Major professional events

Below is an overview of major golf tournaments:

The Masters — First week of April, always in the same place at the Augusta National Golf Club.

U.S. Open — Held in mid-June and on various golf courses in the U.S.

The Open — Is in mid-July and takes place on various golf courses across the U.K. The tournament is also known as the British Open.

PGA Championship — The final major takes place in mid-August and takes place and usually takes place on the east coast.

WM Phoenix Open

The Waste Management Phoenix Open is the best-attended golf tournament in the world. Still, it has become a premier event for golfers, sports fans, and millennials.

Last year, Wanamaker's, KPMG, and Citi had activations centered around virtual reality. In addition, Tempur-Pedic was putting on a "hole-in-one" challenge that included winners taking home a bed valued at more than $6,500.

If you live in Phoenix or, like many others and travel to the event, it is always a fun time. The crowds are wild, and it is not like any other golf event on the PGA Tour. The players have bought into the fun Spring training-like atmosphere as players often throw out giveaways while exciting the crowds.