Next Up: Vol.3

Next Up: Vol.3

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Pull Hook Golf: Matt Cook

We all know one of those guys. The guy who, no matter how successful he becomes, is still the same person he was in college. For me, that guy is Matt. I met Matt in business school, and we immediately hit it off. He told me he was starting his own company, and I wasn't surprised at all.

And boy, did he make a success of it! His company quickly became an enterprise. But even with all his success, he never lost his down-to-earth attitude.

I don't get to see Matt as often as I'd like now that we're so busy, but every time I do, it's like we never missed a beat. He's still the funny guy making bogeys on the golf course.

What motivated you to start your company?

The entrepreneurial mindset and want to do what I love, which for me is golf, was the motivation behind starting Golf Pros NYC and Pull Hook Golf.

Can you share a story about the funniest mistake when you first started?

When I first started Golf Pros NYC, an indoor teaching facility in Midtown NYC, the funniest mistake did not realize I needed to keep toilet paper in stock. It seems simple, but I had never run a facility before.

I remember running around the corner to CVS because a customer got stuck in the bathroom without toilet paper before a lesson.

Then, can you tell us what lesson you learned from that?

The small details matter when starting a business. You realize in those moments that no matter how excellent a product/service you may have if you skip over the small details, it can ruin the entire experience for a customer.

Everyone’s favorite part of a firework’s show is the finale - I captured my younger brother enjoying the lights.

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Bad Birdie: Jason Richardson

Bad Birdie is the new golf brand on the scene, and they're changing the game. Players everywhere are taking notice of Bad Birdie's exciting polos, and the company is quickly gaining a reputation as the best in golf. So many top players now wear Bad Birdie, winning tournament after tournament.

When Richardson decided to create Bad Birdie, he wanted it to reflect golf's values - simplicity and traditionalism. As a result: solid colors with stripes became prominent elements in all aspects, from design down to production processes. As a result, they're easy for players with limited time on their hands but still want something classy looking without compromising quality or performance.

Who is your favorite entrepreneur?  

I don't have one specific entrepreneur that I love. I prefer to learn so many theories on running a business from various people. Right now, I'm listening to the All-In podcast, which features four entrepreneurs in the VC space. I highly recommend it.

What is missing for Arizona entrepreneurs to succeed?

We need more incentives from the state to move young companies here, ultimately bringing more resources and talent. Tax incentives for small businesses who move here, builders who develop new commercial spaces, or hosting big trade conferences like an SXSW could do a lot for us.

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