Behind The Scenes at my Bad Birdie Photoshoot

Behind The Scenes at my Bad Birdie Photoshoot

I didn’t expect to write my second piece two days after the first, but here we are. This week, I had the opportunity to model for a golf brand that I love—my third photoshoot with them but the first at a professional studio and getting paid.

The previous outings were on the golf course, so this experience was completely different. I’ll be the first to tell you that models live the dream! We’ve all witnessed high-end models sharing their luxury lifestyles on Instagram, but we don’t see all the work that goes into it behind the scenes.

Over two days of shooting, I spent over 12 hrs on my feet, not able to sit down at times to not wrinkle the outfits laid out and prepared by the Bad Birdie staff.

After a few hrs of dressing, undressing, and walking around barefoot, I quickly started to challenge myself like it was a game. Of course, the competitor was me, but it was fun to play this game in my head after requiring ten or more shots to get the perfect picture. After each outfit change, I approached the camera to get the ideal shot in 1 try. First take Drake is what myself and the other models called it. After 100 or more outfits over two days, I nailed it on the first take twice, lol—the behind-the-scenes activities during a photoshoot. As a result, I learned a ton about modeling, fashion, and the retail industry.

After this recent experience and building a small modeling portfolio, I’ve decided to pursue more projects as a hobby and as a way to earn extra cash. I never expect to be at Men’s Health, but this new hobby may open new doors.

Almost every endeavor I pursue these days aligns with the goal mentioned in my first piece. For example, one of my goals is to create a golf lifestyle brand shortly.

If you know me, I love the Nike brand (which you don’t yet). Not just the sneakers but also the company values and how they’ve changed an entire industry. I don’t plan to create the next Nike, but I wish to build a brand that improves lives and uses the game of golf. This week I added some contacts to my network that may help with this future. Check out my up-to-date model portfolio.