Livshows: Bassam Mirghani

Livshows: Bassam Mirghani

Bassam offers valuable insights into the challenges and rewards of being a founder and provides tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Bassam Mirghani

Bassam is the founder of Livshows, an award-winning platform for creative agencies to build robust, immersive, and memorable Augmented Reality (AR) experiences that blow minds, light-up faces, and get shared worldwide.

With absolutely no coding experience required, Livshows makes it easy for anyone to create and publish AR content for marketing campaigns that boost engagement across all channels.

Livshows is the world's first no-code drag-and-drop platform to develop and publish Augmented Reality (AR) content for memorable marketing campaigns and brand experiences.

How has being a founder changed you?

As a founder, you may have to take on many different roles and responsibilities and make difficult decisions that directly impact your company's success or failure. All these experiences can help shape and change a person in various ways.

Some founders may become more confident, decisive, and resilient due to their experiences, while others may become more flexible and adaptable. Being a founder can also help to develop leadership skills and the ability to think strategically and long-term.

What was your inspiration for starting Livshows?

I started Livshows after attending an AR/VR conference and saw most tools were built for developers. It was a huge barrier to adoption for content creators, designers, and brands who still needed to code. After speaking to creative community colleagues who recognized the complexity of creating and publishing augmented reality experiences, I decided to build Livshows.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?


How do you manage your time and energy when faced with overwhelming tasks?

When faced with overwhelming tasks, one effective way to manage time and energy is to prioritize and focus on the most important ones first. This can ensure that the most crucial tasks are completed promptly and can help to reduce stress and prevent burnout.

Another effective strategy is to break larger tasks into smaller, more manageable ones. This can help make the study seem more manageable and make it easier to track progress. It is also helpful to set specific goals and deadlines for each job, as this helps to provide a sense of direction and motivation.

In addition, it is essential to take breaks and allow time for relaxation. This can help to prevent burnout and can help to maintain energy and focus.

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