How I shot the lowest round of my life: Tips to help you break 80

How I shot the lowest round of my life: Tips to help you break 80

It took years of practice, dedication, and passion for breaking 65 at this course. Finally, I entered uncharted territory when I stepped up to the 18th tee box at Phoenix Country Club.

Read on to learn how this great round came together and find some tips to help you break 80 someday too!

Phoenix country club: A golfer's paradise

Phoenix Country Club is your perfect destination if you're a golfer looking for an exclusive and luxurious experience. Founded in 1899, this private club has a rich history and is located in the heart of downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

With its recently re-designed 18-hole golf course, Phoenix Country Club provides beauty and excellent year-round playability. The course is challenging yet enjoyable, with lush greens and well-maintained fairways. You'll also enjoy breathtaking city skyline views while playing your round.

But golf isn't the only thing that Phoenix Country Club has to offer. You can access high-quality amenities such as tennis courts, swimming pools, fitness facilities, and fine dining restaurants as a member. The club also hosts various social events throughout the year where you can meet other members and make new friends.

Membership at Phoenix Country Club is exclusive and prestigious. Its membership has historically included many influential people from the valley who have enjoyed the high-quality amenities and activities offered by the club.

Pre-round prep

I like to practice putting at home to prepare for a golf round. Of course, nothing beats putting on a natural green, but I can improve my putting stroke indoors on a mat. My putting mat has plenty of targets to aim for and feedback to help calibrate the correct power and aim needed during an actual putting round.

The putting carpet also makes it easier to adjust the difficulty settings of each putt. So whenever I start feeling rusty or need extra practice before a putting round, all I have to do is go to my indoor putting mat and give my skills the tune-up they need.

The importance of ball striking for a successful round of golf

Ball striking is a crucial element of golf that can significantly impact your success on the course. When your ball striking is on point, you'll hit more accurate shots and have better control over the ball. Here's how your ball striking may have contributed to your success during your round:


Good ball strikers tend to be more consistent with their shots, meaning they hit the ball in the same spot on the clubface every time. This consistency leads to more predictable and accurate images.

Distance control

When you strike the ball well, you can control the distance it travels. This means you can hit shots that land precisely where you want them to instead of overshooting or falling short of your target.

Shot shaping

With good ball-striking skills, you can shape your shots in different ways depending on what the situation calls for. For example, if there's a hazard in front of you, you can hit a fade to avoid it.


When you're hitting solid shots consistently, it builds confidence in your game and helps reduce nervousness or anxiety during play.

Overall, good ball-striking skills are essential for a successful round of golf. It allows you to hit accurate and controlled shots with confidence which can ultimately lead to lower scores. On that particular day, my ball striking was spot on.

Golf balls

I bought quality golf balls for my round to top off the putting practice. I chose a dozen Snell TMX and felt confident that these would provide me with excellent feel and distance control during my round.

The combination of putting on the putting mat, ball striking, and the golf balls I chose allowed me to hit some of my best shots ever. I was in complete control of each shot I took, putting them right where I wanted them.

I finished the round with a score of 63! This was the lowest of the year at Phoenix Country Club. I've played at PCC 10-15 times, but today everything was dialed in perfectly.

By putting in the extra effort to practice putting on an indoor putting mat, I achieved a great score and would recommend it to anyone looking for similar success. With some dedication and hard work, who knows what you could accomplish!

So if you want to break 80 on the course someday, don't forget to practice putting on an indoor putting mat, focus on your ball striking, and invest in quality golf balls as I did. With some hard work and dedication, you'll be chasing your record-breaking score quickly!

Tips for staying focused and composed during a round of golf

Staying focused and organized during a golf round is essential for success on the course. Here are some tips that may have helped you maintain your composure during your round:

Breathing techniques

Deep breathing techniques can help you stay calm and centered when feeling nervous or anxious. Take slow, deep breaths before each shot to help clear your mind and focus on the task.

Positive self-talk

Positive self-talk can help keep you motivated and focused throughout the round. Remind yourself of your strengths, visualize successful shots, and avoid negative thoughts or self-criticism.

Mindfulness techniques

Practicing mindfulness techniques such as meditation or visualization can help improve focus and reduce stress levels during play. For example, try visualizing successful shots or focusing on the present moment rather than worrying about past mistakes or future outcomes.

Pre-shot routine

A pre-shot routine can help you stay focused and composed by creating a sense of consistency and structure in your game. Develop a way that works for you, such as taking practice swings, aligning your body, or visualizing the shot before stepping up to the ball.

By implementing these tips into your game, you were able to stay focused and composed during your round, which may have contributed to your success on the course.

I stayed in the zone during my round and could focus without getting too caught up in my mistakes. My practice putting mat helped me with this - whenever I needed to calm down, I'd set it up indoors, clear my head, and go through all the putting techniques I had practiced so many times before.

Indoor putting mat

I stepped up to the 18th hole again and went onto the putting green. This putting green was familiar, as it felt like I had been putting a hundred times on this same putting mat. I confidently stood over the ball, took a deep breath, and tapped in for birdie.

My putting mat at home allowed me to practice the shots I needed to make, giving me more confidence in my putting game when out on the course. An indoor putting mat can improve your technique and performance regardless of your skill level.

With my putting mat's help, I've replicated the greens of Phoenix Country Club and honed in on the right putting stroke. And ultimately, this helped me break 70 for the first time!

By investing in an indoor putting mat and practicing consistently, you'll be well on your way to reaching your putting goals.

Learning from failure

Everyone makes mistakes - even when it comes to putting. To ensure I'm still putting my best foot forward, I invested in an indoor putting mat to hone my putting skills and help build confidence on the course. With practice putting at home, I can easily detect flaws before putting in real-time play.

The putting mat helps me gain familiarity with shots of varying lengths and challenging conditions to understand better how hard to hit the putt properly.

Moreover, putting with the golf putting mat has made me more aware of various environmental changes that can affect the putt, like dry spells or adverse winds. While I may not make every putt on the green, having this practice tool has encouraged me to be courageous and go for the shot (even if it's risky) instead of second-guessing myself and getting frustrated.

Post-round reflection

Reflecting on my recent golf round, where I shot the lowest of my life, a few key lessons emerge from my newfound confidence and accuracy.

First, I made sure to stay focused and have patience when putting - something that I hadn't done much before. Furthermore, I utilized a putting carpet or putting mat for practice before the game - something I had also neglected previously.

Targeting putting during training has been a massive part of my growth as a golfer, so investing in an indoor putting mat proved invaluable this time. It's fantastic what lower scores result when putting becomes second nature!

I was excited when I stepped onto the golf course's first tee. My expectations of a memorable round were soon met and exceeded; I shot the lowest round of my life that day. From pre-round strategies to perfecting my mental game, I managed to set myself up for success.

I could control my emotions even if shots did not pan out as expected. But most importantly, I learned more about myself as a golfer in that round than in any other event in my golfing career.

Looking back at this incredible experience has reminded me that anything can be accomplished when you focus on the mindset behind a successful round and take failure in stride. If this resonates with you, subscribe to my newsletter for more content like this!