Hello World: It's Me, Terence

Hello World: It's Me, Terence
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I've wanted to start a blog or newsletter. I can't wait to share my journey and knowledge with you all. First, I'd like to thank Josh Spector for motivating me to start this journey. I started following him on Twitter 6 months ago, and his content has completely changed the way I think about personal branding. So goes the show you the positive benefits of social media.

I'll save the "who am I" talk for a future edition because, quite frankly, you don't care that much anyway. But, I assure you that if you continue to read my content, you'll want to know more. Keep in mind this is my first attempt at any long-form writing. Well, other than those boring college papers. My post aims to share my knowledge with you on several different topics.

In 2021 I decided to become a full-time entrepreneur and co-founder of a startup called PersonaFi. I have learned a ton in the last year and realize I should've started building companies long ago. My goal is to create another small business in the next two years. It may sound like a big goal, and I'll share how it's possible and how you can do the same.

My passions firstly include social change. To me, social change is

"normalizing things that make us different so that we as a society can learn, grow, prosper."

Secondly, I am an advocate of health and wellness. Being healthy inside and out is the only way a person can reach their full potential and create their destiny. My third passion is sports. Sports are a great tool to bring people together, a great equalizer.

My strongest passion is business, and I will share how to grow a small business from scratch. Thank you for reading this, or maybe I'm just writing to write. Either way, it feels good.