From zero to a: How to build a million-dollar business in 24 months

From zero to a: How to build a million-dollar business in 24 months

About last night.

After spending the day with family, I stopped by my cousin’s house. We caught up on typical family gossip and watched the latest Matrix movie. Halfway through, his friend Miles shows up. Miles graduated from the same high school as me a few years earlier. After the movie, he asks me, “what are you up to these days.” I replied, “building a startup and launching two more soon.”

Let me add that Miles is also my cousin’s boss and owns a couple of other small businesses of his own. After 2 mins of speaking, he mentions that he’s an LP of a venture capital firm. If you don’t know an LP, follow Amit Garg; click here. The term refers to investors who become members of a fund or SPV by making a capital contribution or an investment. My eyes lit up as PersonaFi is still in a fundraising round and looking for the right VC fund to lead. This money will allow us to allocate spending to app development and marketing. After speaking with him for almost two hours about PersonaFi, VCs, wealth, and what crypto will pop next, I told him about my 5-year goal. He was very open in sharing his feedback and advice as I started this journey. We’ve all had a few drinks, so the filters are off. To my surprise, he shares

“You're smart to work on multiple projects at a time because most likely they won’t all be successful.”

He then adds that he loves all the ideas and gives him a call next week to talk more. I was shocked and immediately walked to the fridge to grab another drink. He shared some constructive criticism t took to heart, and I was very grateful. I’ve only shared my other business ideas with one person, so getting positive feedback was a huge motivator.

If you’re reading this, you might be interested in a step-by-step process of how to build a company from scratch. This story is the 1st step and prerequisite to my e-book. I’ve started the planning stage and have a rough roadmap included. As of right now, the title is “Zero to A,” but I’m open to feedback on the label. I plan to complete the 1st edition in 2022 and later release the 2nd edition with added chapters in 2023. All my readers will receive a free version during the pre-launch period, so keep looking for updates.