5 majors and counting - What makes Brooks Koepka

5 majors and counting - What makes Brooks Koepka

t's been a remarkable year for PGA champion Brooks Koepka, after claiming his 5th major and third PGA Championship over the weekend. Of course, we all know Brooks has struggled with injury over the past three years. But let's look deeper into all the challenges he overcame to become the 2023 Champion.


In 2020, Brooks Koepka faced significant challenges due to knee and hip injuries that plagued his season. The troubles began in early February when Koepka suffered a partially torn patella tendon in his left knee, forcing him to withdraw from the Players Championship and subsequently undergo surgery. This setback profoundly impacted his game, as he struggled to regain his form and confidence on the course.

Unfortunately, Koepka's physical woes didn't end there. Later in the year, he also endured a hip injury, further compounding his difficulties. The precise details of the hip injury are less clear, but it is believed to have added to the strain and limitations he was already experiencing due to his knee. The combination of these injuries presented a formidable challenge for Koepka, testing both his physical resilience and mental fortitude as he worked to rehabilitate and return to competitive golf.

Despite the setbacks, Koepka's determination and relentless pursuit of excellence has made him a resilient force in the sport, and his journey to recovery is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the game he loves.


Brooks Koepka showcased his resilience and talent, despite facing challenges with injuries. In February, he won remarkably at the Waste Management Phoenix Open held at TPC Scottsdale in Arizona. Koepka displayed remarkable skill and determination as he overcame a five-shot deficit on the final day, carding a superb 6-under-par 65. This triumph marked his second win at the prestigious event, solidifying his reputation as a fierce competitor.

Unfortunately, Koepka's physical struggles resurfaced, and he underwent knee surgery on March 16, 2021. This setback forced him to take a break from competitive golf as he focused on his recovery and rehabilitation. However, despite the setback, Koepka demonstrated his fighting spirit again when he returned to the course in May for the 2021 PGA Championship.

Koepka showcased his exceptional skills and competitive drive in the PGA Championship, finishing in a tie for second place. Although he fell short of victory, a final round 74 saw him finish just two shots behind the legendary Phil Mickelson, who made history as the oldest major champion at 50. Koepka's impressive performance in the significant tournament highlighted his ability to contend with the best in the world, even in the face of adversity.


Brooks Koepka's decision to commit to the new LIV tour sent shockwaves throughout the golfing world and ignited a media storm that lasted for months. The LIV tour, a breakaway league that challenged the traditional golfing hierarchy, promised substantial financial rewards and a more player-friendly structure. Koepka's commitment to join this venture signaled a potential shift in the landscape of professional golf, and the announcement sparked intense debate and speculation among fans, players, and pundits alike.

The media storm surrounding Koepka's decision centered on several key aspects. First and foremost was the potential impact on the established golfing tours, mainly the PGA Tour. As one of the top-ranked players in the world, Koepka's involvement in the LIV tour threatened to draw other high-profile players away, potentially diluting the talent pool and disrupting the established order of the sport. This fueled speculation about the future viability and sustainability of the traditional tours and led to heated discussions about the potential consequences for the overall golfing ecosystem.

Secondly, Koepka's decision prompted questions about his motivations and priorities as a professional golfer. Many debated whether his commitment to the LIV tour was primarily driven by financial gain or a desire for greater autonomy and control over his career. Some critics argued that Koepka's move demonstrated a disregard for the history and traditions of the game. In contrast, others applauded his willingness to challenge the status quo and embrace a potentially groundbreaking opportunity.

Ultimately, the media storm surrounding Brooks Koepka's commitment to the LIV tour reflected the profound impact it could have had on the sport of golf. The controversy and speculation that ensued served as a testament to the significance of his decision. Moreover, they highlighted professional golf's ongoing evolution and transformation as it navigates a rapidly changing landscape.


Brooks Koepka's influence expanded beyond the golf course when featured in the Full Swing Netflix documentary. The documentary provided a glimpse into Koepka's life and career, giving viewers a deeper understanding of the challenges and pressures faced by professional athletes. Additionally, Koepka took this opportunity to utilize his social platform and raise awareness about mental health issues that affect athletes.

Through the documentary, Koepka shared his personal experiences and opened up about his battles with mental health. He candidly discussed the pressures and expectations of being a top-ranked golfer, shedding light on the emotional toll it can take on individuals in the sports world. In addition, Koepka aimed to destigmatize mental health struggles and encourage others to seek help and support by sharing his story.

Koepka's decision to utilize his social platform to raise awareness about mental health issues in professional athletes had a significant impact. His openness and vulnerability sparked conversations within the sports community and beyond, helping to break down barriers and remove the stigma associated with mental health. Using his platform to advocate for mental well-being, Koepka demonstrated his commitment to excelling on the golf course and prioritizing athletes' overall health and well-being. His actions inspired others, encouraging individuals to prioritize their mental well-being and seek support.

2023 PGA Champion

Brooks Koepka's victory at the 2023 PGA Championship at Oak Hill was a testament to the power of focus and unwavering determination. Despite his challenges along his journey, Koepka's ability to stay laser-focused on his goal allowed him to triumph. His win serves as a reminder of what can be accomplished when one remains committed to their aspirations, even in the face of adversity.

It highlights the importance of resilience and perseverance, showing that incredible feats can be accomplished with relentless dedication and a steadfast mindset. Koepka's success at the PGA Championship is a powerful inspiration for individuals from all walks of life, illustrating the incredible possibilities that can be achieved through unwavering focus on a chosen objective.

It's been a remarkable year for Brooks Koepka, and his drive to become this year's PGA Championship is yet another example of his dedication and commitment to staying on top of his game. Despite his trials and tribulations over the last three years, he could take it all in stride and stay focused on achieving his goal.

We can take inspiration from Brooks's' story and use it as an example to push ourselves to reach a new goal. In 2023, we should all strive to be more like Brooks Koepka. Who knows what we can become if we embrace challenges and never give up? For more stories like this one, subscribe to my weekly newsletter.