1st Step to Growth: Vol.9

1st Step to Growth: Vol.9

Are you ready to supercharge your business? Look no further! I share simple tips to inspire you to build something unique. I also share one-of-a-kind stories and insights into successful startup founders that faced different challenges.

What you get in Vol.9
- Bassam Mirghani -> Founder of Livshows
- What you need to focus on to survive a bear market
- Stories to put you in a good mood
- Emily Leahy -> Founder of Performance Architecting
- The best customer support software for your business
- More founder stories

Bassam Mirghani

Bassam is the founder of Livshows, an award-winning platform for creative agencies to build robust, immersive, and memorable Augmented Reality (AR) experiences that blow minds, light-up faces, and get shared worldwide.

With absolutely no coding experience required, Livshows makes it easy for anyone to create and publish AR content for marketing campaigns that boost engagement across all channels.

Livshows is the world's first no-code drag-and-drop platform to develop and publish Augmented Reality (AR) content for memorable marketing campaigns and brand experiences.

In a bear market, startups need to focus on three key things: cash management, customer acquisition, and fundraising. Cash management is critical because it allows startups to extend their runway and weather the storm. Customer acquisition is important because it provides revenue and keeps the lights on.

Finally, fundraising is essential because it gives startups the capital they need to grow. By focusing on these three things, startups can survive a bear market.

- It’s always sunny inside a Generative AI conference
- Recreational marijuana is now legal in how many states?

Emily Leahy

Emily is a performance strategist who mentors entrepreneurs, investors, and startups to find their innovative edge without tipping over into burnout. Her methods help to break through interference that is getting in the way of sustainable growth.

For over 15 years, Emily has devoted her career to accelerated learning and shifting focus states for optimal performance. She's worked with startup founders, entrepreneurs, investors, and executives in Silicon Valley using progressive business growth and personal transformation techniques.

Are you a startup founder looking for an easy and effective way to manage customer support? While there are many techniques, finding the best customer support software can be challenging. With many solutions available in today's market, deciding which works best for your business needs can often feel overwhelming.

I discuss the top customer support software tools helping successful startups manage their customers efficiently while providing excellent service. So read on for tools and features to help make working customer relationships more accessible than ever!

Next month
- Alejandra Fernandez is the Founder of Flywallet. She is a globetrotter passionate about making travel more accessible for all. When she's not on the road, she's assembling and leading a team of ambitious developers, creatives, and travel lovers to build her vision.
- Bria Davis Clemmons is a Chicago girl, but she’s been traveling the world with her husband and their one-year-old twins for the last few years. She used to be a commercial defense lawyer, but now she runs her own sports management consulting firm. 

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